CLCCA Trustee Vacancy- Oakbrook Position

The Clear Lake City Community Association (CLCCA), Inc. has one open position on the Board of Trustees for a representative from Oakbrook. The application deadline has been extended due to the Hurricane Harvey office closure during the last application period.

Candidate qualifications can be found in Bylaw 4.5.  The term of office for this position expires in June, 2018.

Responsibilities for a Trustee include the following:

  1. Attends Board Meetings.
  2. Attends committee meetings and perhaps is a Committee Chair.
  3. Attends other meetings as a representative for the CLCCA for various other organizations as appointed by the President. Coordinates with the alternate, in the event the primary representative is unable to attend scheduled meetings.
  4. Point of Contact (POC) for Property Owners concerned with their respective Residential Cores.
  5. Submits requests to the General Manager for items to be placed onto the agenda.
  6. Helps resolve deed restrictions within their respective cores.
  7. Adheres to CLCCA Bylaws and Policies
  8. Reviews Attorney General's Training Video for the Texas Open Meetings Act (TOMA) in accordance with TOMA 551.005.
  9. Must attend the annual Trustee Workshop per Bylaw 3.3.

If interested, please complete the Trustee Application that can be found online at or in the office.  This completed form must be submitted in person only to the CLCCA Business Office at 16511 Diana Lane; Houston, Texas 77062 with the $20 fee to cover the cost of a background check.  Please be sure to bring your property deed and a tax bill to verify you live in Oakbrook.

Deadline for submission is Monday, November 13, 2017 at 5 PM.

Questions?  Contact General Manager Rachel Morales at 281-488-0360 or

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