CLCCA Revision of Founding Documents Update

Your assistance is needed!  CLCCA is at the core of the Clear Lake Community with 6,700+ properties and CLCCA’s annual fees have remained the same since 1963 at $.008 SF of land.  The board recently created the CLCCA Revision of Founding Documents Committee who created a proposed amendment to CLCCA’s Founding Documents to give YOU the property owner the right to vote and determine what is best for your local community when it comes to assessments, deed restrictions, facilities, policies, etc.  The current wording in the CLCCA Founding Documents denies you this right. Last week, the “All Clear Lake Communities” Association (ACLC) representing more than 10,000 property owners and 20,000 voters, voted unanimously to support the initiative put forth by the CLCCA in modifying their founding documents. 


President Annice Slade, General Manager Rachel Morales and I reached out to the Representative Dennis Paul to seek legislature approval.  Unfortunately, Representative Dennis Paul has chosen to deny our request to bring it to legislature.  


As we gain more and more support for this effort, we encourage you to immediately contact Representative Dennis Paul to voice your concern for this effort.  Time is running out!  Please let him know that you support our efforts and would like the right to vote and determine what is best for the community you live in.  You can call him at 281-488-8900 or email him at


Terry Canup, Revision of Founding Documents Chair


Click here to see the meeting notes explaining the current and proposed amendment wording

Click here to see the letter from Dennis Paul


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