New Tai Chi





Instructor: Master Ed Kwan    


Location: C/D Room



Saturday’s 8:30 to 9:15am


Here are some benefits of practicing Tai Chi:

Live Longer

Improve muscle strength, balance and flexibility

Boost cognitive function

Improve COPD symptoms

See improvements in cardiovascular fitness

Reduce risk of falls

We will be practicing the Yang's Style Long Form which is 108 movements.

As this is a non-contact and we will be practicing social distancing during class, a mask is recommended.


Cost: $60(NR) $48(R) 2 days full month option


Two days a week TOO MUCH?  Below is the one class option for either Wednesday Evening or Saturday morning

$45 (NR) $36(R) 1 day class price option


Contact Master Ed Kwan for more details [email protected]


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