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Personal Trainer & L.I.F.E. Coach Heather Paul


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Heather has been an exercise enthusiast since a very early age.  She grew up dancing, competing in gymnastics, and participating in a wide variety of sports.  She has been a group fitness instructor since 2004, a personal trainer since 2007, and a fitness nutrition specialist since 2015.  She also has a second Master's degree in Fitness and Human Performance (her first Master's degree is in Mechanical Engineering and by day she works for NASA as a Health and Medical Technical Authority representative). 

Rate: current/existing clients is $35/half hour for all *new* clients the rate will be $40 for 30 minutes. 

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(Ladies Inclusive Fitness Experience)




LIFE class is a women-focused program that provides fun, challenging, rewarding workouts and experiences that are specially designed to bring LIFE to your health and fitness plan! 


By combining aspects of group fitness, personal training, and women’s LIFE and wellness topics, this program is a "full body experience" that offers the best of all worlds - the ability to work out with a personal trainer in a motivating and supportive group fitness environment.  If you are looking for a great way to get in or stay in shape with the accountability and comradery of a team environment, this class is for YOU! 


  • Classes will include a variety of workouts that will be repeated a few times over the session so you can track your increases in strength and endurance from workout to workout.
  • Workouts may include any/all of the following: interval training (mix of cardio and strength), high intensity impact training (HIIT), strength and conditioning, core training, yoga, pilates, and stretching.  
  • Wellness topics will also be highlighted during the session to emphasize the importance of lifestyle behaviors and choices in overall health, fitness, and wellness.

Equipment Needed: Students are required to bring their own exercise mat and set of weights (two dumbbells).  Please wear comfortable exercise clothing, athletic shoes with good support, and it is recommended that you bring a towel and bottle of water.


  • Payment options are two installments of $99, or $198 up front.

Because this program and the associated workouts are designed to meet each individual client's needs and goals, as well as the needs and goals of the class, client contracts will not be cancelled, refunded, extended, or put on hold for any reason for the duration of the session.


Meets every Tuesday & Thursday (5:25pm-6:30pm)

Where: 16511 Diana Lane in the C/D Room


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