The Clear Lake City Community Association, Inc. (CLCCA) is a private, state chartered, federally tax exempt, non-profit (501, C-4) corporation that was founded in 1963 by the Friendswood Development Company, a subsidiary of Exxon Corporation (then, Humble Oil and Refining Corp.) It is one of the largest property owner associations in Texas.

Our boundaries encompass (approximately) the area from Highway 3 to Space Center Blvd and from NASA One to Pineloch. Our association provides deed restriction enforcement for both residences and commercial properties within our boundaries. We also maintain parks, pools and esplanades within these boundaries as well as provide mosquito control.

Our property owner’s association has over 6,000 properties inside our boundaries. These properties include commercial/industrial businesses, churches, schools, and residences. We have four subdivisions Camino South, Oakbrook, Meadowgreen and Oakbrook West. The estimated population of the CLCCA is 18,000. During the day, over 20,000 people live and work in our community.

Mission Statement

To Maintain, Improve, Preserve, and Protect the quality of life and property values of all residents and business owners within the Clear Lake City boundaries through deed restriction enforcement, common area maintenance, and economical recreation programs.

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