Transfers (Sale of Property) / Refinances / Resale Certificates

Transfers (Sale of Property) & Refinances

It is the policy of the Clear Lake City Community Association (CLCCA), Inc., Board of Trustees (BOT) that fees will be charged to the buyer whenever a property is sold, refinanced, and/or a new deed is created. (Reference: Texas Property Code 207.003).

To obtain a statement of account in regards to a transfer of title or refinance of a property, please fill out the top portion of the Closing Quote Request. E-mail the request back to [email protected] for completion. Allow five business days for processing. There is currently no charge for this service. 

Closing Quote


Closing Quote (Statement of Account) Request: No Charge

Transfer Fee: $400.00

Refinance Fee: $400.00

Resale Certificate: $325.00

Resale Certificate

Please submit a Closing Quote Request to [email protected] with the box Resale Certificate marked. The cost to obtain a resale certificate is $325.00. The money must be received before we can release the certificate. 

Payment Methods: 

- Company Check

- Money Order

- Cashier's Check

***Personal checks, Credit/Debit Cards and Cash are NOT accepted***

Please mail the company check, money order or cashier’s check to:

Attn: Accounting
16511 Diana Lane
Houston, TX 77062

*Payments may also be dropped off with the Facility Attendant in the gym at 16511 Diana Lane, Houston, TX 77062, any time Monday-Friday between 7am-6pm.  The facility attendant can give you a receipt.  

*Please indicate the property address and where the payment is to be e-mailed/mailed when making payment.

Processing Time:

Please allow two business days for processing once we receive the payment. If you need it sooner, please include an additional $50.00 as a rush fee for a total of $375.00.


The Resale Certificate

Generally, the resale packet is e-mailed in a zip folder. If you need a hard copy mailed, we must also receive postage.

The resale certificate includes:

Completed form TREC NO 37-5 SUBDIVISION INFORMATION INCLUDING RESALE CERTIFICATE as it relates to the property (

CLCCA’s Management Certificate

CLCCA’s Articles of Incorporation and Amendments

CLCCA’s Founding Document

CLCCA’s Certificate of Liability Insurance

CLCCA’s Current Balance Sheet

CLCCA’s Most Recent Audit Report

CLCCA’s Current Approved Budget

CLCCA’s Bylaws and Polices

CLCCA’s Most Recent Reserve Study

Deed Restrictions for the Property (If Applicable)

The Most Recent Copy of CLCCA’s Quarterly Newsletter, The CLCCA Communicator



All payments and correspondence should be mailed to: 


16511 Diana Lane

Houston, TX 77062


The transfer and refinance fees should be paid at closing, but the resale certificate MUST be paid before it can be released. Also, any past due on the account must be paid before or at closing. If the past due is not paid, then it becomes the responsibility of the new owner. The only exception is if this is a foreclosure sale of the property. 

Property Owner Assessment Deed Restrictions Trash Facts

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