Legal Documents

Legally the Association is subject to the Texas Open Meetings Act (TOMA), Texas Public Information Act (TPIA), Texas Business Organization Code (BOC) as a Non-Profit Corporation, and multiple articles of the Texas Property Codes 201 - 215. The items below are all the documents which affect how the CLCCA is governed. See current Bylaws & Policies and Deed Restrictions.


Legal Requirements

Articles of Incorporation [pdf]
Management Certificate [pdf]
Founding Document 1963 [pdf]
Founding Document Amendment 1968 [pdf]
Architectural Committee/Assignment of Rights 1993 [pdf]
Extension Clarification 1995 [pdf]
Ballot 1998 [pdf]
Ballot Results 1998 [pdf]


Articles of Amendment

Articles of Incorporation 1963 [pdf]
Articles of Amendment 1968 [pdf]
Articles of Amendment 1997 [pdf]
Articles of Amendment 2002 [pdf]
Articles of Amendment 2005 [pdf]
Certificate of Amendment 2009 [pdf]
Certificate of Amendment 2014 [pdf]

Restated Certificate of Formation 2018


Property Owner Assessment Deed Restrictions Trash Facts

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