Indoor Pool Hours

Open to Public as of June 1, 2020

(updated 1/10/2021)

* social distancing are required, you must wear a mask when you interact with the staff and other members*

Monday - Friday : 6:30am - 1:00pm, 3:30pm - 7pm

           *closed 1:00 - 3:30 for sanitation*

Saturday :  12pm - 6pm 

Sunday : 12pm - 6pm


Restrooms are open, but at this time showers  are closed.

There will only be ONE Lap Lane open during Aqua Aerobics classes.

*There is only ONE LANE open during morning aquatic class times*

*Aquatic Class times are M/W/F  9-11:30AM*

*Aquatic Class times are T/Th 8-10AM*

Please wear a mask while checking into facility and interacting with employees and staff.

Class members, please get with your instructor for specific class instructions and details.



16511 Diana Lane Houston, TX 77062



Rules  *social distancing is required**

Restrooms are open, but showers and changing rooms are temporarily closed.

  1. Keep off life lines and lane lines.
  2. No Children under 12 unaccompanied by an adult.
  3. No diving in water 9 feet or under.
  4. Pushing and rough play are prohibited.
  5. No glass containers allowed only plastic containers, plastic toys, plastic goggles, are allowed in the pool, observation deck, and lockers/shower areas.
  6. Use ladders only for getting in or out of the water.
  7. Only one swimmer on the ladder at a time.
  8. No dunking or rough play.
  9. Patrons may not adjust the lane line equipment themselves.
  10. Kick boards are not to be used for toys, only for class time.


Pool Rental Information


Available for rental all year (Closed on holidays).

All of our pools are available to rent when they are closed to the public. $200 deposit and 2 hour minimum on all rentals. For more information call 281-488-0360.

Monday-Friday: 1pm - 3pm
8am - 12pm and 6pm - 10pm
Sundays: 8am - 2pm and 6pm - 10pm

# of Guests Hourly Fee # of Lifeguards
50 or less $145 2
50-150 $190 3
151-200 $235 4




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