As an aging community, Clear Lake City residents have a wide range of maintenance issues that they must keep on top. Our deed restrictions address many of the issues directly, and it is always recommended that you review them before making any improvements or changes to your property.

CLCCA is responsible for assisting homeowners in understanding deed restrictions, their purpose and their enforcement in an effort to maintain property values in your neighborhoods. These restrictions exist for one reason - to assure our residents a high quality of life in a neighborhood that is consistent in appearance and quality, while allowing as much individual expression as possible. CLCCA is a group of neighborhoods that exhibit an immense amount of pride in their community and respect for their neighbors.

However, some of the items that may require addressing may be City of Houston ordinances, or items that are not defined as clearly in the deed restrictions. With that being said, this section of your website is devoted to helping you stay in compliance with all applicable rules and ordinances and properly maintain your home.

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Bylaws & Policies City of Houston Bandit Sign Policy [pdf]
Pet Waste Guidelines [pdf]
Storm Drain Maintenance [pdf]

Exploration Green Fence Resolution

Filed Resolution regarding regulation of Solar Energy Devices

Guidelines for Installation and Use of Certain Security Measures

Guidelines for Display of Certain Religious Items

Deed Restriction Violation Hearings Policy



Property Owner Assessment Deed Restrictions Trash Facts

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