Standing Committees




Chair Alternate Chair Member Advisor Advisor Advisor
Mr. Garriga Ms. Rizzi Mr. Wallace Mr. Cook - OB Mr. Henehan - CM  Ms. Eaton - MG


*Budget & Finance

Chair Alternate Chair Member Member Advisor
Ms. Stroud-CS Mr. Canup-OW Mr. Henehan-CM    


Bylaws/ Policies 

Chair Alernate Chair Member Member Advisor
Ms. Canup - OW Ms. Taylor - MG Mr. Kuhl - OB    



Chair Alternate Chair Member Member Advisor
Ms. Coblentz - CS Ms. Eaton - MG Mr. Kuhl - OB    



Chair Alternate Chair Member Member Advisor
Mr. Kuhl - CS Mr. Martin - MG Ms. Eaton - MG    



(Develop Long Range Plan)

Chair Alternate Chair Member Member Advisor
 Mr. Cook -OB  Mr. Kuhl-OB  Mr. Martin -MG    



Chair Alternate Chair Member Member Advisor
Mr. Cook - OB Mr. Canup -OW Ms. Stroud - CS    


Special Committees

(Revision of Restrictive Covenants)

Chair Alternate Chair Member Member  
 Mr. Cook -OB Ms. Coblentz-CS  Ms. Eaton - MG Ms. Taylor - OW  


(Revision of Founding Documents)

Chair Alternate Chair Member Member Advisor
 Mr. Cook -OB Mr. Canup - OW Ms. Coblentz-CS Mr. Martin-MG  Ms. Rizzi 


CLCCA Representative



(2nd Wednesday) Board Room 6:30pm

Primary Back-Up
Mr. Canup - OW  Mr. Martin - MG


CLCWA (2nd Thursday)

Primary Back-Up
Ms. Coblentz-CS  Ms. Eaton-MG


Super Neighborhood

Primary Back-Up
Mr. Cook - OB Mr. Canup - OW


HPD PIP Meeting

(3rd Tuesday) 11800 Astoria Blvd

Primary Back-Up
Ms. Taylor - MG Mr. Kuhl-OB



ACLC - Association Clear Lake Communities

PIP - Positive Interaction Program

CM - Commercial

CS - Camino South

MG - Meadowgreen

OB - Oakbrook

OW- Oakbrook West

* Restricted to Trustees Only




Architectural Review Committee

This committee is charged with assuring compliance of residential and commercial deed restrictions and the commercial guidelines as it may pertain to the modification or addition of signage or landscaping to the exterior of any property located within the jurisdiction of the Clear Lake City Communication Association.


Budget and Finance Committee

The Budget and Finance Committee shall request, make recommendations and send the Clear Lake City Community Association, Inc. (CLCCA) the annual budget to the board for approval, hire the CPA and support the CLCCA annual audit and make recommendations regarding CLCCA financial procedures and policies.


Bylaws and Policy Committee

The Bylaws/Policies Committee takes a proactive approach to ensure the CLCCA board maintains, changes, and or creates Bylaws and Policies that are:

  • Internally consistent,

  • Within the scope and purpose of the CLCCA, and

  • In conformity with the laws and statues of the State of Texas.


Communications Committee

The Communications Committee shall facilitate communications between the Clear Lake City Community Association (CLCCCA), the property owners within the CLCCA, and the media.


Elections Committee

The Election Committee shall oversee the annual election, including the hiring of Election Judges. The Committee will recommend the rate of pay for the election judge and clerk to be approved by the Board. To preserve the integrity of the ballot and elections process, qualified election judges and clerks shall be completely independent of the CLCCA. The election judge and clerk shall not be a CLCCA employee, Trustee, or immediate family member of an employee or Trustee as defined in the Policy 408-06 Nepotism.


Facilities, Parks, Recreation, Committee

  • Provide guidance to the Clear Lake City Community Association (CLCCA) Board of Trustees on budgets and plans for facilities, parks and recreation.

  • Steward the execution of the budgets and plans adopted by CLCCA Board of Trustees for all parks, recreational facilities and activities.


Personnel Committee

The interface between CLCCA Staff and the Board of Trustees when there are staff personnel difficulties that cannot be resolved by the General Manager or there is a Trustee to Staff conflict that needs to be resolved.




Property Owner Assessment Deed Restrictions Trash Facts

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