Bylaws and Policies

The CLCCA is must abide by the following documents in all it's activities. The following Bylaws and Policies are voted on periodically by the Board of Trustees and filed with the Harris County Clerk's Office.  All of the documents below are the most recent revisions.


Bylaws Updated February 2024



Adopt A Common Area


Board of Trustees & Meetings

Monthly Agenda & Packet, Recording Devices, Officer and Trustee Responsibilities, Qualified Trustee, Trustee Binder


Committee & Charters 

Committees, Trustees Scheduling Meeting Rooms, Architecture Review Committee Charter, Budget & Finance Committee Charter, Bylaws & Policies Committee Charter, Communications Committee Charter, Elections Committee Charter, Facilities-Park-Recreation Committee Charter, Personnel Committee Charter


Communicator Advertising



Hurricane Shutdown Checklist, Emergency Procedures



Confidentiality, Conflict of Interest, Code of Conduct



Investment Policy, Reserve Contingency Funds, Capital Expenditures, Purchasing, Small Project Contracting, Restricted Reserve Fund, Asset Capitalization and Depreciation, CLCCA Credit Cards and Charge Accounts, Check Acceptance and Return, Annual Tax Return, External Audits, Reimbursement for Travel Expense, Reimbursement of Trustees for Deductible Under D&O

Guidelines for Bid Solicitation & Review Process


General Property Owner Association Guidelines

Altering External Appearances of Property, City of Houston Parking Enforcement, Transfer & Refinance Fees and Resale Certificate Fees, Residential Deed Restriction Enforcement Exceptions, Deed Restriction Enforcement Policy, Residential Exterior Maintenance Guidelines, Unattached Structures in Oakbrook, Camino South, and Oakbrook West, Sec. 1, Sec. 2 & Sec. 3, Deed Restriction Variances, Antenna Structure Regulations, Residential Fences which Border Commercial Property, Fencing Guidelines, Privacy Fencing Bordering Exploration Green, Invalid Rental and Leasing Policy, Resolution regarding Operating a Home Business within the Subdivision, Home Business Policy

EG Fence Resolution

Texas Property Codes Applicable to CLCCA


Commercial Guidelines

General Development Guidelines, Site Elements, Structures, Signage, Landscaping, Lighting, Awnings, Monuments, etc.



Legal Counsel, Inter-Resident Disputes, Texas Business Organization Codes, Recording Meetings, Record Retention Guidelines, Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) Requests, Collection of Money Owed to the Association, Bad Debt, Write-Offs, and Negotiated Reduced Balances, Alternate Payment Schedule for Certain Assessments



Employee Supervision, Work Orders, and Contract Vendors, Employee Authority, Complaints Regarding Staff, Whistleblower, Employee Compensation Program, Executive Compensation, General Manager Duties & Responsibilities, CLCCA Operating without a General Manager, Drug Abuse, Workplace Anti-Violence Plan, Nepotism



Recreation Income, Program Participation, Program Refunds, Program Participation Facility Tags, Medallion Plan Pricing, Use of Recreation Facilities and Rental of Rooms and Pools, Parent Observation of Program Instruction, Use of Sports and Ball Fields, Priority Use of CLCCA Athletic Fields


Property Owner Assessment Deed Restrictions Trash Facts

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