These publications are applicable to the CLCCA that are subject to the Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) and Texas Open Meetings Act (TOMA), Conflict of Interests and Administrative Law with several other Miscellaneous Publications.



TOMA 2020 HB- 2020 Open Meetings Handbook [pdf] 

TOMA 2018 Easy- The 2018 Open Meetings Act Made Easy [pdf] 



TAL 2018 HB - Administrative Law 2018 Handbook [pdf]



TAG COI Easy - 2012 Texas Conflict of Interest Laws Made Easy [pdf]

TAG Nepotism Easy – 2010 Texas Nepotism Laws Made Easy [pdf]



TPIA 2018 HB - Public Information 2008 Handbook [pdf]


Dual Office Easy – 2018 Texas Dual Office Holding Laws Made Easy [pdf]


2012 TAS – 2012 Texas Accessibility Standards [pdf]


Texas Administrative Code [pdf]


City of Houston Infrastructure Design Manual – Houston Infrastructure Design Manual [pdf]


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