Architectural Changes

If you are planning to change or add any feature on the exterior of your home you must first have the change approved by the board or risk being fined and forced to undo the change. The steps for completing an architectural change to your property are as follows:


  1. Complete an ARC Form
  2. Attach a survey of your property to the form. This should have been given to you at the closing of the property you bought. No ARC Form will be put on the agenda without a survey of the property.
  3. Attach any helpful information to the form. This can include a color sample, a roof sample, a picture of the item which will be added, etc. 
  4. Turn in the form at the office or email it to [email protected] Your information will then be put on the agenda for the next ARC meeting.
  5. The ARC meetings are scheduled to take place on the second Thursday of each month.  The meeting will be held in the board room at 16511 Diana Lane. The agenda can be found on the "News" page. Someone with complete knowledge of the change should be present at the meeting to answer any questions the board members might have about the architectural change. 
  6. You will be informed at the meeting if your request has been accepted or denied. 


  1. Follow the instructions listed on the online Change Request Form
  2. Make sure you email a survey of your property and any helpful information to [email protected] 

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