Rec Outdoor Pool is closed for the season. 

*Due to the extreme heat and temp of concrete, water shoes, flip flops, crocs, ect.,  are recommended while out at our pools.









16511 Diana Lane Houston, TX 77062



  • $5.00 per person/day

General Rules

1. Walk, don't run.

2. No Children under 12 unaccompanied by an adult.

3. Pushing and rough play are prohibited.

4. No glass containers allowed only plastic containers, plastic toys, plastic goggles, are allowed in the pool, Observation deck, and lockers/shower areas.

5. Use ladders only for getting in or out of the water.

6. Only one swimmer on the ladder at a time.

7. No diving allowed except in the diving pool.

8. No dunking or rough play.

9. No swimming underneath the guard stands; this is out of their line of vision.

10. Swim attire must be worn while in the pool.


Water Slide Rules

1. Patrons must be 48" high to use the water slide

2. Swimming is prohibited in the slide area

3. Move away from the bottom of the slide immediately

4. One person on the slide at a time

5. Go down the slide feet-first in a sitting position, head-first sliding is prohibited

Diving Pool Rules

1. Use ladder to mount the diving board

2. Hanging onto or under the board is prohibited

3. Only one diver on the board at a time

4. Wait for the previous diver to exit the water and get the single from the lifeguard to before diving

5. Only one bounce allowed.

6. Swim to the ladder immediately after diving.

7. Swimmers are not allowed in the diving area when the boards are open for use.

8. No fancy dives.


Pool Rental Information

Days/Times Available for Rentals (Summer Season Only May-Sept) *when staff is available*

Monday - Thursday

 8am - 11am & 8pm-10pm



Saturday & Sunday

 8am - 12pm & 8pm – 10pm

All of our pools are available to rent when they are closed to the public. $200 deposit and 2 hour minimum on all rentals. For more information call 281-488-0360.

With Water Slide

# of Guests Hourly Fee # of Lifeguards Included
0-75 $245
76-125 $285 6
126-150 $325
151-175 $355



Without Water Slide

# of Guests Hourly Fee # of Lifeguards Included
0-75 $175 3
76-125 $235 5
126-150 $265 6
151-175 $285 7









2022 Pool rental agreement


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