Special Committee - Revision of Restrictive Covenants Mtg, May 4, 2022

The Clear Lake City Community Association, Inc. Board of Trustees Revision of Restrictive Covenants Special Committee will meet on Wednesday, May 4th at 7pm.  CLICK HERE for the Agenda.

CLICK HERE to view the minutes from the last meeting.

The Revision of Restrictive Covenants Special Committee was created to work with the community on updating and/or revising the current deed restrictions.  

Please CLICK HERE to submit your comments and/or suggestions regarding the current deed restrictions in place for your specific section.  Keep in mind that the online comment form is not to complain about a property.  It is simply for you to comment on how the current restrictions are written and whether you'd like to make any changes.  For example...some are very vague, and others may give one section permission to have a trailer in public view while other sections do not.  Deed restrictions can be found by clicking here.   



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